Cast and Crew

Em is a 23-year-old Australian journalist who relocated to the U.S with the dream of making films. She grew up cycling in a part of Australia with similarly lacking infrastructure for cyclists, and over the years has been dodging trams, taxis, pedestrians and horses and carts on her bike.

At one stage Em lived in a monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was here that she met Lauren, a 21-year-old Nevada native. Lauren is a passionate environmentalist and health enthusiast. Prior to staying in the monastery, Lauren had been living in remote Nepal teaching English, being washed by her host mother in a bucket, and running inside whenever somebody yelled ‘Tiger!” Both having a penchant for harebrained adventures, the two promised to meet up somewhere in the world and do something crazy.

Having relocated to San Francisco, Em moved in with Nick, a 24-year-old graphic designer with some film experience. The two quickly found themselves talking about putting a documentary together. Nick is a commuter cyclist and environmentalist, just like the other two.

Em has done some light touring, but for Nick and Lauren this will be a totally new experience. There is a significant chance that not everybody will make it :p